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In the golden era of the British Empire, much of the empire’s business with its colonies and with foreign countries was done through quasi-governmental corporations such as the British East India Company, whose commercial justification was granted by the crown and the parliament. British commercial law was written to favor British companies and was enforced by the royal army and navy. At home, there were a number of commercial law essays written to justify the policies of British corporations in the spirit of nationalism. You can look through our law essays examples to learn more.
commercial law essay tips
Some commercial law essay tips:

  • Be specific about the country of supplier and customer
  • Mention type of business you are discussing
  • Cost estimates would be very useful in such cases
  • Analyze commercial laws and give your feedback

Commercial Law Today

Today the East India Company no longer exists and commercial law no longer has the same characteristics. Commercial law, commonly referred to as business law, deals with many companies within any given country that is active in commerce, from the local level to the global level. Many business law essays are written in business magazines and academic journals to discuss problems in the commercial law. With the growth of businesses and the commerce of private sector corporations, many businesses require an army of commercial law specialists, business lawyers, to make sure that firms operate within the local and national law and also to represent companies in lawsuits filed by competing businesses.

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