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Constitutional Law Essays

One of the most commonly taught yet thoroughly misunderstood law school topics is constitutional law. Though the many constitutions in democratic countries preserve a very similar form of a constitutional democratic republic, the constitutional law varies greatly from one country to the next. Constitutional law essays must be true to the nature of the particular constitution they cover, whether it is the constitution of the United Kingdom, that of the United States, or that of a different republic.

law essays tipsSome constitutional law essay tips:

  • always give the page number if you citing a law
  • state the year of the law issue
  • be specific about regional laws
  • include your own law analysis

Constitutional Law Essays for Students

Constitutional law essays are a regular part of the curriculum for law students majoring in constitutional law and even for law students majoring in a different subfield. After all, a country’s constitution is the law of the land and all lawyers, judges, and legal clerks must have a working knowledge of their country’s constitution. Law students in the United States may have an easier time of mastering their country’s constitution because it’s a single written document.

constitutional law essay tips

Students in the United Kingdom writing constitutional law essays on the United Kingdom’s constitution must grapple with the reality that the U.K.’s constitution is no single document. As an “unwritten constitution” it is reflected in a number of documented parliamentary decisions, court judgments, and treaties. While any standard constitutional law essay on American law would be founded on the principle that the written constitution is the supreme law, essays on U.K. law would be based on the grounds that parliamentary law is supreme and that character of the law is reflected in the U.K.’s unwritten constitution.

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