International Law Essays

International law is a relatively new concept in the face of world history. Though there was international law in various eras of history, international law essays tend to agree that international law as a concept was fairly limited until the creation of the United Nations. In bygone eras, international law was more limited, as it consisted mainly in the form of treaties between two countries or empires that often favored one party over the other. Nowadays, international law is most commonly associated with international organizations like the United Nations, NATO, and the European Union.

international law essays tipsSome international law essay tips:

  • mention geography of the organization you are referring to
  • try to analyze the law you are mentioning
  • always recheck if the law is up-to-date
  • would be good to mention similar cases existing in history

EU Law Essays for School

For law students in the United Kingdom, European Union law is among the most commonly studied fields of international law.  Many EU law essays and law and justice essay are assigned by international law professors and the law students are expected to write lengthy yet concise international law essays explaining various treaties and agreements within the European Union that have the binding power of international law.

helpful international law essay tips

Though they don’t contradict each other at all, European Union international law is slightly different from international law and law essays UK in general as written in the United Nations Charter and the various U.N. treaties and agreements.  Law students may have to explain these differences in the EU law essays and other assigned essays on international law.  In a nutshell, international law within the European Union is binding for all of its member states, which have made E.U. law superior to their own legislative sovereignty, whereas the U.N. Charter has a dual legal mode where member states keep their own sovereignty and agree to implement international law in parallel fashion within their own legislatures.

International Law Essays Made Easy

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