Land Law Essays

One field of law growing in popularity and practice is that of land law—dealing with property rights and other rights for access to and use of land. Land law is unique because it touches on a variety of other fields of law, including environmental law, business law, and tenets of constitutional law dealing both with property rights and written laws dealing with anything having to do with any parcel of land. Land law dates back centuries, even in times and locations where either no government or no legal code existed, save for codes regarding land.

Some land law essay tips:land law essay tips and hints

  • always re-check local existing land laws
  • give specific examples and cases
  • calculations and estimations will make your essay even better
  • try to show your analysis of land laws

Land Law Essays

Many scholars and their Land law Essays can agree that one good example of early land law dates back to the feudal era in Europe during the middle ages. Property rights depended highly on social class and trickled downward. The king would grant large tracts of land to the members of his royal court—nobility—who would then gift smaller tracts of land to their own loyal lesser nobles, who would grant parcels of land to their servants and loyal soldiers.

land law essay tips

Natural Law Essay Examples

Many authors of land law essays or rule of law essay incorporate natural law as a consideration in land law, often contrasted with man-made law.  A well-written natural law essay with the help of irac method law might incorporate an era of American history where natural law or the “natural order” of things converged with “land law” on the frontier of the Wild West, where the U.S. government didn’t exist.  Despite the lack of any government, frontiersmen and settlers often formed small communities and made unwritten agreements to agree on particular uses of the land and mutual aid in community enforcement of property rights.

Law School Essays

Law students in the United Kingdom are expected to have a working knowledge of land law, as it is implemented at various levels, from the local level (perhaps a property dispute between neighbors) to the international level (such as the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom carving the international boundary on the island of Ireland).

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